Best Arcade Script 1.0.5 – Updates You Need to Know About

Best Arcade Script 1.0.5 Version with a Bunch of New Game Feeds

Best Arcade Script 1.0.5 Version with a Bunch of New Game Feeds

Best Arcade Script 1.0.5 version is dramatically improved with a ton of new arcade game feeds since the first release.

A Bounch of New Arcade Game Feeds

Poki Excellent GualityCrossplatform ContentAndroid gameplayiOS, iPone and iPad compatibleWindows Phone platform

formerly known as Gamesys B.V. has great and high quality HTML5 games with discrete interstitial advertisements. The company is located in Amsterdam and their in-house game studio publishing cross-platform online games frequently.

Grab Gamer Crossplatform ContentAndroid systemiOS, iPhone and iPad compatibleWindows Phone compatible

feed is maintained by HappyTube a Czech company located in Prague. They have great mobile and desktop web games with static advertisements for webmasters. This company started to completely redesigning their website and services as well focusing on mobile entertainment. They distribute a wide range of content including games and non-gaming applications, wallpapers, videos and themes through various channels in Americas, Asia and Europe.

4J Shockwave GamingHTML5 applicationsAndroid browsersiOS browserWindows Phones

has HTML5, Flash and Unity 3D games usually without dedicated advertisements. These are sponsored games with discrete branding included. They have more than 9000+ games, most of them for girls, but they also have games for the others as well.

Games Arcade Shockwave Playing

serves first class Flash games for the web audience sponsored by well known brands like Miniclip and A10. So these casual online games does not have advertisements at all.

The best part?

This means 21+ RSS Game Feeds supported by Best Arcade Script all together right now.

Tonns of New Features

Vignette ads are mobile full-screen ads that appear between page loads on your site and can be skipped by users at any time. They're displayed when the user leaves a page, rather than when they arrive on one, so the user doesn’t have to wait for them to load. Also, they're limited in number per user to maintain a good user experience.

Vignette ads

Anchor/overlay ads are mobile ads that stick to the edge of the user's screen and are easily dismissible.

Anchor/overlay ad

  • Brand new Play button Icons
  • Importing Multiple Game Feeds at once
  • Google Analytics and AdSense Integration
    • Supporting synchronous advertisement codes
    • Dedicated support for poorly designed outdated ad codes
    • Google AdSense Page-level Anchor/overlay ads support
      • New before item mini advertisement (100x100px)
      • New page show left and right big advertisement (300x600px)
  • Head script code support
  • Optional Short URLs

Increased Mobile income with Brand New Page-Level Ads

New Page Level Ads by Google Adsense

Introducing Page Level Ads by Google Adsense

How can you actually use them?

Improvements Under the Hood

  • Optimized loading and displaying Performance
  • Slider animations with Pixel Perfect Tweening
  • Improved and Optimized search input, Social Widgets loading and displaying, Font Loading, CSS resources, rewrite rules, resizable Admin Panel code areas.

Our team aims to deliver the newest technologies to our customers. So we updated third-party plugins running under the hood such as SwiperFacebook SDK and CodeMirror.

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