New Update #3 Released

Best Arcade Script Update #3

Best Arcade Script update #3 with new game feeds

We released a new update for Best Arcade Script. As you can see below this update includes support for many new arcade game feed including HTML5 and flash RSS feeds. The update also contains a new Exclusive Animation Pack for loading in the game thumbnails. You can read more about the above mentioned new things below.

New Game Feeds

  • Famobi Excellent GualityOnline HTML5 GamesAndroid supportiOS supportWindows Phone support
  • Playdot Online Flash GamesOnline Unity 3D GamesOnline HTML5 Games
  • Talk Arcades Excellent GualityOnline Flash Games
  • Escapefan Excellent GualityOnline Flash Escape Games
  • Arcade Game Feed Online Flash Games

More About New Game Feeds

Famobi is a precise German company with first class customer support. They have several high quality HTML5 games with advertisements. They are available for revenue share. So you can participate in their affiliate program. We highly recommend their games and service.

Now our script also supports a niche indie gaming platform called Playdot. This platform aims to collect Unity3D, flash and HTML5 games from several game making challenges, competitions and team contests. Such as Purple Monkey Jam, Ludum Dare, Insanity Jam 3, Bacon Game Jam and Paper Jam. They are doing it pretty well. So you can find here hundreds of great games made by the indie game development community.

We are sure many of you already know Talk Arcades. So we added support for the brand new Talk Arcades Game Feed as well. They have basically many robust flash games, but their game feed will also contain Unity3D games too.

When it come to escape games, Escapefan is definitely the number one in the niche. So we exclusively support their brand new game feed called Escapefan Webmasters. Their feed now contains many great escape games with the known developers such as Ainars and Enagames.

Exclusive Animation Pack

This all new animation pack contains more than 10 unique HTML5 animations powered by CSS3. All these animations are optional and are included into the Standard Edition and into the Professional Package. These animations provide several different look how the thumbnails are displayed whether you on the main page or on one of the sub pages. You can simply change and choose between animations in the script’s admin panel under the Man Page Settings section. Know more about our brand new Exclusive Animation Pack on our website!

New Improvements

Our team aims to provide the best page speed for your website. So we developed every single details to be even lightweight, faster and to perform well in general. Now the script is more powerful than ever before. These improvements includes using cdnj Content Delivery Network for external JavaScript and CSS libraries. It also includes optimized image assets.

We separated the user data from the core features so updating the script will be even simpler in the future. Thanks to one of our customer who find some issues about swiping the menu, we fixed the mentioned issue. So now swiping the menu on a smartphone or on a tablet is as easy as scrolling a book.

Also one of our new customer needed some new ad spaces specially for mobile. So we added new ad spaces for small screen devices such as smartphones and tablets. So you can simply enter advertisement codes in the admin panel and these new advertisement places works just out of the box. We also added some new text labels which you can easily edit with the existing Text Label Editor.

New Edition

Our team also provides an all new more affordable edition called Starter Package. This package contains only the basics such as 2 theme and simple animations for the thumbnails. So it is a budget friendly edition for those who are slightly new to the arcade business.

Stay tuned and visit our homepage to be familiar with the new features not mentioned above!

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