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Admin Panel

We have several good news to you. We released a new update for Best Arcade Script. This means the script supports lots of new HTML5 game distributors’ RSS feeds. So now you can import more than 1,800 high quality HTML5 games via their channel.

This update also contains some new features. So you can see the basic changes below.

  • The script’s admin panel got a much cleaner layout with smooth animations. So it is more ergonomic than ever.
  • Our team optimized the script to have even better support for smartphones and tablet devices. This means we also added some options to the admin interface.
  • We also added some new options and features.

Now the script supports more HTML5 RSS game feeds. So you can import next generation games by some single clicks. Many of these games fully support any device with a modern web browser including mobiles, tablets and desktops.

  • has more than 1,700 HTML5 games. Including more than 100 high quality ones. Unfortunately they have many broken games as well.
  • GamePix has high quality HTML5 games. They have more than 100 online arcade games.
  • Softgames has more than 150 high quality HTML5 arcade games. They have a really great support for smartphones and tablets.
  • TreSensa has many high quality HTML5 games. Unfortunately they have about 10 broken games.

Visit our website to see some new features and options which are not listed above. Also try out our demo sites again!

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