How I made a great Arcade Site FAST in 2017? – Best Arcade Script Review

How I made a great arcade site FAST in 2017 – Best Arcade Script Review

How I made a great Arcade Site FAST in 2017 – Best Arcade Script Review

As a web designer and graphics designer I have made many websites (Hand Coded not Programs) over the last 10 years. I find that I am always learning.

HTML5 added another challenge which I was happy to take on. One of the websites I made was for an Arcade Games site. The site was ok but the many, many hours of adding games, graphic images, descriptions etc was just getting too much. I had over 20 gaming and gambling related websites to attend to every day, week or month. My arcade games site was left behind as the money making sites got most of my attention.

I turned my attention to an Arcade Script to make life easier. I tried a couple of the free ones which were not up to scratch. I tried another free site with the option to buy the better script. I was stuck at certain obstacles and wrote many emails asking for help and received nothing. Even when I asked about the upgraded script which costs, I was ignored.

I was starting to feel like giving up and just slogging away at my now out-of-date arcade website. I then discovered a website called What did I have to lose?

Firstly there was no Free Script. This made me think that the script must be pretty decent. They offer 5 versions of the script. Basic up to the Special offer. From $39 through $69, $99, $299 and The Special Offer. I decided that I’d go for the mid range script. They also offer setting up your arcade for a reasonable $29. I have a good knowledge so I set it up myself. I had a few little issues at first but then everything started going smoothly.

I contacted the Script Team a few times to make sure I was understanding things correctly and the response was fast, professional, courteous and very helpful.

There might be better scripts out there but I couldn’t find one that could match my needs as did.

My new Arcade site now looks great. It is easy to manage and I am sure it will bring more visitors to my site than it did before.

Thank you!

David Sutton a satisfied customer

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  1. Paul Bailey June 15, 2018 / 3:30 pm

    I currently own this script and i have to say it’s the best arcade script i’ve ever purchased.
    I use it on one of my more successful websites.

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