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We have some great news to you and to the community. Firstly, let us introduce Flash Games Source. Flash Games Source or also known as Gun Games New is an online blog and an online flash arcade sites as well  founded on 3. of July in 2014. They provide high quality gun games to their user base. They also recently publish posts and reviews about gun games and sometimes about flash games in general.

We could ask how does Gun Games Now refer to Best Arcade Script? Well, as the founder of this great blog told us, they are planning to distribute their own unique gun games sooner or later. This means they will create their own unique Gun Games Feed soon. As the founder of the site told us, the feed will firstly exclusively available on our platform. It seems these guys are really opened to a possible cooperation and partner ship with us. Of course we do so as well. The other good thing is, they will might post their gun games into Talk Arcades game feed. Which we will support really soon.

So visit their blog and stay tuned!

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