New Update #2 Released

Unity 3D games

Support for Unity 3D games.

We released a new update for Best Arcade Script. Thanks to one of our customer, who suggested us to support dcr files and unity games we realized his and your needs as well. So now the script fully supports them. As we support Unity 3D games we also added support for a new Unity 3D RSS feed called UnityFeeds. They have lots of great online games for embedding. They also adding games relatively recently.

You can read some other basic changes below:

  • Our team added option for allow networking in flash games. So you can disallow outgoing links in your flash games if you wish. This little feature was also requested by one of our customer mentioned above.
  • We also optimized the cron job handler. So now you have a better support for cron jobs. This means you can define and manage them super easily.

Visit our homepage to be familiar with the new features not mentioned above!

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