New Update #4 Released

Best Arcade Script Update #4 Released

Best Arcade Script Update #4 Released

We released a new update for Best Arcade Script. As you can see below this update includes support for many new arcade game feed including HTML5 and Flash Rich Site Summary (RSS) feeds.

New Game Feeds

  • HTML Games Excellent GualityOnline HTML5 GamesAndroid supportiOS supportWindows Phone support
  • PlayToMax Online HTML5 GamesAndroid supportiOS supportWindows Phone support
  • Plinga Online Flash GamesOnline HTML5 Games
  • 2 Player Games Excellent GualityOnline Flash Games

More About New Game Feeds

HTML Games has many great and fast loading HTML5 games with advertisements. They publish new games frequently on a regular basis. So feel free to import their online HTML5 arcade games. This third-party HTML5 game distributor is associated with the so called Zygomatic company, which is an online publisher since 2003 headquartered in France. However the webmasters are located in Netherlands.

Best Arcade Script now also supports PlayToMax‘s (previously TrueToken) HTML5 game feed solution. This company is located in Ukraine and their high quality games are also available for licensing without advertisements in this case of course.

Plinga GmbH, -located in Berlin, Germany-, has some social online web games including some HTML5 and many Flash based ones. Their games are usually playable without registration, which is a huge plus in our opinion. You can register on their website to get daily referral income reports to your mailbox.

When it comes to multiplayer games, 2 Player Games is definitely the number one in this niche. Their game feed is operated by Flora ICT, which is a Dutch company located in the city of Haarlem, near Amsterdam. 2PG usually provides Flash based games with great overall quality.

New Improvements

Our team aims to deliver the newest technologies to our customers. So we updated third-party plugins running under the hood such as jQuery, Swiper, CodeMirror and HTML5 Sortable. We also improved many-many small details, which you might not even notice one by one, but in the overall picture you will feel how well the script performs for you and your players. Now the script displays and detects HTML5, Flash and Unity 3D games even more perfectly. The optimized Rich Site Summary (RSS) feed importer provides you and your webmaster a better overall performance and usability. So you can handle game feeds even more easier.

Now you can use our self describing Auto Post to Twitter solution, which comes with an optional screenshot capture service provided by Page2Image. So you can post tweets automatically to your twitter audience on a regular basis with pictures to engage them. This feature is included in the Professional Package and in the Standard Edition as well. This tool can be very handy when you do not want to hassle with composing tweets manually.

Stay tuned and visit our homepage to be familiar with the newest features not mentioned above!

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