New Version Released

New HTML5 games.

HTML5 Games

We have some good news to you. So we would like to inform you about the fact, that a new version of Best Arcade Script is released.

Here you can read the basic improvements and changes:

  • We completely removed the screen resolution related values from the urls and links.
  • Our team optimized the core of the script. So now it contains more asynchronous queries and loads even faster than previously.
  • This means we also optimized the performance and the load time of the script.
  • Our team also added some new features and options to the admin panel.

Now the script supports even more online arcade game distributors’ RSS feeds:

  • Spil Games has Flash and many great HTML5 arcade games too.
  • Scirra Arcade lots of middle quality HTML5 games. The good thing is that they have some high quality HTML5 games too.
  • Flash Game Distribution has only old-school Flash games.
  • Free Games For Your Website have lots of awesome quality Flash games.

We can’t list every single new features. So visit our website to get more info. Also check out the demo sites again to see how fast they are.


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